Walgreens Settles $683 Million Lawsuit Against Alleged Over-Supply of Opioids


Walgreens has settled a $683 million lawsuit with the state of Florida over accusations of contributing to the opioid epidemic.

Attorney General Ashley Moody announced the settlement Thursday and said Walgreens has agreed to pay $683 million. The money will go towards community efforts in fighting opioid addiction and abuse.

Walgreens has not admitted any wrongdoings and say they are fiduciary on bribing a resolution to everyone involved.

According to documents filed with the court, the state of Florida claims Walgreens has increased its opioid dispensing.

Reports state that a Walgreens drug distribution center sold 2.2 million opioid tablets to a single Walgreens pharmacy in a small city.

The state claims that amount was enough for a six-month supply for each of the town’s 12,000 residents. The Florida Attorney General’s Office said Walgreens increased orders up to 600% in just two years. This includes when they supplied a town of 3,000 with 285,800 orders of oxycodone in one month.

The settlement ends a case that went to trial April 11 in New Port Richey. Walgreens opted not to join a combined $878 million settlement with four other health care companies, including CVS.


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