What Can We Do To Help Spruce High School With Senior Prom❓❓❓


Smash Community: It’ time come together and try to help Spruce High School with their Senior Prom in Dallas, Texas.

From #JazmineWeaver on Facebook:

THIS IS SO EMBARRASSING 😭😭😭😭 yeah im not going to prom!🤡🤡🤡🤡 just give me my diploma baby! SPRUCE IS SOOOOO YEAH BYE IM MAD 😭😭😭…. my patience is thin right now🤏🏾🤏🏾🤏🏾

Spruce high school has sent a letter home to parents to let them know that due to inadequate funding they will be having their senior prom in their large courtyard.

They also stated that between 50-60 students had paid towards their prom fees.

The school sent a letter home to parents regarding a virtual parent meeting on Thursday March 29th at 6 pm. They will be discussing senior fees, prom, graduation and attendance.


  1. Baby i see so much potential in that court yard…dont nobody have a imagination no more. Frfr it’s the ungratefulness for me. Wheres the creativity. The same way those gyms and building be decorated, that court yard can be decorated. I say this cu ppl are complaining all over the world about money. Frfr come together and get decorations and make that court yard beautiful 💜 come on man are we that vain in this world. And ppl dont see that this vainess is killing our world…we living in our last days. Plz get it together. Thank u. Times like prom are supposed to be memorable not flashy.

  2. Nothing should be done for those that did not pay but want to cry over the anticipated changes. Make that courtyard spectacular, have food stations, or whatever their funds will allow and keep it moving.

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