Woman Accused Of Stealing $1000 Worth Of Items From Walmart Self Checkout


34-year-old TeddyJo Marie Fliam, from Alpena County, Michigan, has been accused of stealing from Walmart. This was done by not scanning all the products at self-checkout, authorities say.

Fliam was observed skipping items she rang up when purchasing products, in July. When a loss prevention employee approached her, she is accused of becoming angry, denying it, and then exiting out of the store.

When the worker looked at surveillance footage, it was discovered that Fliam had taken over $1,000 worth of items since April and didn’t scan them.

Fliam was apprehended at her residence on September 29 and is facing a charge of first-degree retail fraud.

Loss prevention has been dealing with a great amount of thefts from the same Walmart location on M-32 in Alpena County. Michigan State Police have said that recently, they dealt with two other cases where individuals were apprehended after altering barcodes at self-checkout.

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