Woman Operating A Fake Nursing School Accused Of Defrauding Students Out Of $93k


A woman has been arrested after allegedly posing as a medical instructor and defrauding 37 people of more than $93,000 in Florida.

Michelle Wimes,33, formerly known as Michelle Hudson, posed as an instructor at Grace Medical Training, which she owned. She had students attending her classes for 10 months and then gave them a graduation and a fake RN certificate.

Hudson had finally got caught when a woman was told by the Florida Department of Education that the school was unlicensed and had been told to shut down. The woman claimed she paid $5,300 for the classes. She then filed a criminal complaint with police.

“They took the class, they had to take the state exam to be certified, and they weren’t able to,” Vero Beach Police Chief David Currey said.

Hudson was arrested on charges of organized fraud greater than $50,000 before bonding out.

The department’s focus now is to get restitution for the 37 victims, according to Police Chief David Currey.


  1. Well, the first clue should have been… nobody gets a RN in one year! 🙄My LPN program was over a year!

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