Woman Arrested After Threatening To Post Nude Photos Of Ex-Girlfriend If She Didn’t Give Her $16K


A woman in Memphis was apprehended after threatening to post nude photos of a woman to social media. She stated that she would post the photos if the woman and her husband didn’t give her $16,000.

The Memphis Police Department said that Ashley Harper, 30, had been in a romantic relationship with a woman. That woman told Harper that she only wanted to be friends.

Police say that Harper didn’t take the news very well and sent nude photos of the woman to her and her husband.

The woman told authorities that Harper stated that she would post the photos on the internet if she and her husband didn’t give her the money.

Court documents note that Harper also said she would physically assault the woman who already has a protection order out against Harper.

Investigators say that they saw screenshots of Harper demanding the $16,000.

Harper was apprehended and charged with unlawful exposure and extortion.

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