Woman Arrested For Harassing Cops By Calling Non-Emergency Lines 11,000 Times


Carla Jefferson, 50, was arrested on a misdemeanor charge after she allegedly made 11,000 phone calls to the St. Petersburg Police Department and the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office.

When Jefferson calls, she allegedly curses at the officer who picks up and argues with them. She also threatens to call the officer back if they hung up. Sometimes when she calls, she tells the officers to arrest her from her home but when cops respond, “she retreats inside, refuses to answer the door, and has in the past given officers the middle finger and screams at them through the windows,” officer Christopher Bishop said.

She admitted to the cops that she “loves playing this game”.

One day in July, Jefferson made 512 calls to the St. Petersburg department, the arrest report said.

Jefferson received a certified letter from police officials warning her that if she kept abusing the non-emergency line it would result in criminal charges. However, she ignored these warnings and kept calling. Police then arrested her in late June. she was released from custody after posting $400 bond.

She was arrested again earlier this week on the same charges.

Jefferson has a previous history of convictions on multiple felony and misdemeanor battery charges. She has spent a total of six years in state prison.


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