Woman’s Deceased Body Discovered Inside Walk-In Freezer At Arby’s Restaurant


An investigation into a suspicious death has begun after a body was discovered in a walk-in freezer at an Arby’s restaurant.

The New Iberia Police Department in Louisana has stated that the victim, a female, was a worker at the restaurant that is located on E. Admiral Doyle Drive. Another employee of the restaurant had discovered the deceased employee.

Her cause of death is unclear.

Reports show that although the death is suspicious, there is thought to be no foul play as the incident may have been unintentional.

Authorities are reviewing evidence over and over again and are awaiting the findings of an autopsy.

Authorities have questioned multiple workers at the restaurant, and no suspects have been identified.


  1. How in the world could walking into a freezer be an accident? I wonder what really happened.

    1. She probably walked in to grab something and got locked in. It’s happened before. It happens.

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