Ye Says IRS Froze His Bank Accounts Because He Owes $50 Million In Taxes


Although Ye started the year as a billionaire, it doesn’t seem as though the closing of the year will end as well.

Recently, Ye lost his partnerships with Gap, Balenciaga, and Addidas. He is also still being criticized for anti-Semitic remarks and facing a $25 million defamation lawsuit from George Floyd’s family.

Now, Ye has stated that the IRS has his multimillion-dollar bank accounts frozen. He says that the Internal Revenue Service put a $75 million hold on all of his accounts.

Ye said on Timecast IRL that his financial advisers informed him of the situation. He added that he found out about a scheme to get him locked up the morning that this podcast was recorded.

“So they froze, they put a $75 million hold on four bank accounts. And then they said you owe a lot of taxes. Took me, like, six hours to find out how much ‘a lot’ was. They said, well, around $50 million.”

Ye also confessed that he is not really a “financially literate person.” He says he has enlisted advise from his company CFOs regarding tax evasion after receiving the news.

He also said that becoming famous at 24 stunted his growth in some ways as he always had others and his mother to take care of his business for him.

Eventually, the conversation turned towards anti-Semitism which seemed to upset Ye.

“You know coming here, I feel like it’s a setup like to be defending…like I’m literally going to walk the F-off if I’m sitting here talking about, you know, you can’t say it was Jewish People that did it when every sensible person knows. Jon Stuart knows what happened to me. And they took it too far,” he stated.

Minutes later, as the podcast host and guests were talking, Ye stormed off of the podcast.


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