13-Year-Old Dies From Benadryl Overdose After Attempting TikTok Challenge


A 13-year-old boy from Columbus, Ohio, Jacob, died following an overdose on an over-the-counter medication. Relatives say the teen was attempting a TikTok challenge.

Jacob overdosed on Benadryl, and he passed away six days after being hooked up to a ventilator.

Relatives say that the challenge involved consuming 12 to 14 pills that was to create an hallucination.

However, Jacob is said to have taken more than that.

Jacob’s father stated that his son was at home with friends when the tragedy occurred. His friend is said to have recorded him performing the challenge until he started to have seizures.

“Keep an eye on what your kids are doing with that phone, talk to ’em about, you know, the situation. I want everybody to know about my son’s situation,” the father stated.

He has also vowed to put pressure on lawmakers to put an age restriction on purchasing medicine like Benadryl. Additionally, he is also pushing for social media sites to have age restrictions.

Jacob’s funeral will be held in the next coming days.


    1. Some grownups are stupid as well!! This family has lost a child and your on her being insensitive to the fact that a life lost. Prayers to this family in this most difficult time in there life.

  1. Praying for your family our kids to day try everything they see the bible said the children will because wiser but weaker to the things of the world ,may you find comfort in this difficult time your going thru god blessing rest upon you and your family

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