14 Year Old Mississippi Teen And Sister Brutally Murder Their Mother


A 14 year old teen girl and her 12 year old sister have been arrested and accused of brutally stabbing and shooting their mom to death in Mississippi.
Erica Hall,32 was found deceased with stab wounds in her back and a gunshot wound in her chest in front of her home late Friday night.
According to to family Hall’s two daughters killed her days after she punished them by taking their cellphones away from them for trying to run her over with the family car.
When paramedics arrived at the home they tried reviving Hall and transported her to a nearby hospital where she was pronounced dead.
Amariyona Hall,14 was later arrested and charged as an adult for the murder of her mother. She is being held at Pike County Detention Center on a $150,000 bond.
The 12 year old sister has also been charged and is being held at Adams County Juvenile Detention Center.



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