2 Stolen Horses Killed, 1 Juvenile Killed During Early Morning Crash In Dallas


On March 14, Dallas officers responded to a crash around 5:30 a.m., involving 3 stolen horse.

When officers arrived to the scene at Great Trinity and Julius Schepps Freeway they found 3 juveniles and three horses.

Emergency crews arrived and pronounced one of the juveniles dead at the scene and two others were taken to area hospitals in stable condition.

One of the stolen horses was also pronounced dead at the scene and another horse had to be euthanized at the scene by a veterinarian. The third horse suffered minor injuries and is expected to be ok.

According to reports a vehicle struck the horses early Tuesday morning. The driver stayed until officers arrived and is cooperating. No charges are expected to be filed.

This investigation is ongoing.


  1. I bet these youngsters were doing this for some illegal adult horse thief ring. Some adult or adults put them up to this and promised them payment. Think about it. Where were teens going to take 3 horses to and to do what with.


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