22 People Face Federal Indictments In Texas Meth Operation


22 people that have been directly connected to Mexican cartel traffickers have been federally indicted. This is related to a Texas methamphetamine operation that entailed sections of Central Texas.

In October 2019, Hamilton County authorities uncovered a criminal enterprise. It was operating in Erath, Hamilton, Comanche, Hill, Bosque, Tarrant, Dallas, Bexar, and Hood counties.

Purchases that were found were used to build the criminal case.

“During the investigation, it was determined that the methamphetamine being sold and transported within Hamilton County and surrounding counties was directly linked to a criminal organization that spans from Dallas, Texas, and Mexico,” stated a sheriff on Thursday.

Authorities say that liquid methamphetamine was smuggled and taken to the Dallas/Fort Worth area. It was then turned into crystal methamphetamine and “sold in kilogram quantities.”

While investigating and conducting 200 interviews, one defendant confessed to trafficking more than 200 kilograms of meth from Mexican cartel sources.

“Other defendants were directly tied to the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas, Aryan Circle, Tango Blast, and Bloods criminal gang,” the sheriff’s office noted.

The matter was later found to be related to an ongoing DEA Eastern District criminal case.

If they are convicted, each defendant could receive 10 years to life in prison. They could also be ordered to pay up to $1 million in fines and be on supervised release for five years.

During Operation Long Reach, as it was called, at least 1,100 pounds were distributed which totaled more than $24 million.

Those indicted include Ricky Castillo, Irving; Brandon Kimberling, Dallas, Sandy Villicana, Arlington; Chad Hughes, Dallas, and Cassandra Bower of Dallas. Others indicted include males and females from Stephenville and Hico, Texas. Their ages range from 22 to 47 years old.


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