22-Year-Old Faces Murder Charges After Fatally Shooting 9-Year-Old Girl In The Head


Bail has been denied for a man accused of killing his former girlfriend’s daughter in Harris County, Texas, last week.

Authorities say that Jeremiah Jones, 22, murdered Khylie Sorrells, 9, and then shot and injured the girl’s mother, Brittany Sorrells.

Court documents note that Brittany and Jones had been in a relationship for eight months but had broken up two months ago.

Brittany had said that Jones arrived to her apartment with a gun the week prior to the murder and said he would kill her.

On the evening of the killing, Brittany’s cousin had been going in and out of her apartment, leaving the door unlocked. As the mother was lying in bed with Khylie and her other two children, Jones stormed into the residence. He then demanded to get a t.v. that he said belonged to him.

The mother said that Jones then tore the t.v. off of the wall and wanted to check her cell phone. Documents suggest that Jones believed that Brittany was seeing another man.

Brittany told police that she handed her phone to Jones, who took it to a room where Khlyie was. The mother then heard two gunshots and observed Jones exiting the room, shooting Brittany in the shoulder as he left the apartment.

Brittany then went to her bedroom and saw her daughter on the floor, suffering from a gunshot injury to the head. Khylie later died at a medical facility.

The other children in the residence weren’t hurt and have been placed with relatives.

It is unknown if the 22-year-old will face the death penalty, but Jones has been charged with capital murder and assault charges.


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