4 Year Old Girl Dies From Flu In Garland


A 4 year old Garland girl is deceased days after developing flu like symptoms.
Ashanti Grinage,4 started showing symptoms just days before her death. She was rushed to the emergency room Tuesday by her father Martell Grinage who said she had a 103 degree fever.
Once at hospital doctors determined she had the flu and kept her under observation until her fever was reduced.
Ashanti was sent home but still having symptoms Wednesday and was rushed back to the emergency room Thursday where she was diagnosed with pneumonia and then later died.
Ashanti is the first child related flu death for Dallas County this season.


  1. Why doctors n hospitals dont take the flu as serious as they do with tryn to get u to take the flu shot? If they know the flu is a serious infection then doctors / hospital take it serious when people come in and u diagnosed them with the flu. They shouldn’t have discharged that baby!!! She should have stayed for observation for at least 24-48 hours at that hospital.. Smh.. So sad!! Praying for the family

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