7-Year-Old Girl Killed By Her Birthday Balloons


After possibly suffocating on her birthday balloons, a 7-year-old girl from Tennessee died.

On September 27, Alexandra Kelly received a 34-inch Mylar #7 balloon that was inflated with helium. It was for her party.

On October 1, Alexandra requested to pop her birthday balloons. Her mother went to her room to lay down as her daughter played. When she went back to her living room, the mother found her daughter face down on the floor and unconscious. The Mylar balloon had been covering her whole head.

It isn’t known if Alexandra died from helium poisoning or suffocation, her mother stated.

Now Alexandra’s mom is sharing her tragedy in order to help others.

“On Sunday, October 1st, my entire world collapsed around me all because I was unaware of the risk surrounding these types of balloons,” she said. “I hope and pray that this will prevent and save the life of other children. I wouldn’t want anyone else to experience the pain and devastation that loss of a child brings.”

An investigation is on-going.


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