7 Year Old Girl Struck And Killed By Two Vehicles On 635 Service Road, In Dallas


Dallas police are investigating after a 7 year old girl was struck and killed by two vehicles early Monday morning.

Around 12:30 a.m. officers responded to a call regarding a little girl being struck by two vehicles on the service road of interstate 635, near Coit Rd.

According to reports the 7 year old girl was staying in a hotel along 635 with her parents when she wandered out the room.

The girl was reportedly struck by two vehicles and died at the scene. The driver of the first vehicle did not stop to render aid and the driver of the second vehicle stayed until officers arrived.

Authorities are searching for the driver of the first vehicle and have not released anymore information at this time.

This investigation remains ongoing.


    1. Praying for the family!? They the one caused it cause they wasnt watching the Kid…this child was 7..Where was the parents and what was they doing at the moment when she wandered off from that motel they was in!?

  1. Yea before yall start looking for the other driver that didnt stop yall need to do an investigation on the child parents cause this shi dnt make no sense

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