Actress Suzanne Somers Dead At 76


After a lengthy battle with cancer, Suzanne Somers has died, her team noted.

The well-known actress, most notable for her role in “Three’s Company,” and many other TV shows and movies, died on Sunday morning at her residence.

In 2000, Somers was first diagnosed with melanoma, and a little while after that, she developed breast cancer. This battle went on and off for many years. However, earlier this year, in the summer, her breast cancer returned fully.

Somers will be best remembered for her part in the ABC sitcom opposite John Ritter and Joyce DeWitt. She played the part of the funny, ditzy Chrissy Snow for five seasons.

Somers was also featured on “Starksy and Hutch,” “Hollywood Wives,” “She’s the Sheriff, ” “Step by Step,” and more.

As far as her role in movies, Somers played parts in “American Graffiti,” “Ants!” “Yesterday,” and other films.

Somers was 76 years old and would have celebrated her 77th birthday on Monday.

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