Black Mompreneur Launches Popcorn Company With Her Four Children


Shaunese Alexander and her four kids, Destiny, Trinity, Serenity, and Joshua are the founders of Popcorn Munchies.

The business is one of the fastest-growing Black-owned gourmet popcorn brands in the nation and is based in Maryland. They are most known for their caramelized pecan flavor.

The company began after the family learned how much they loved popcorn as they watched movies at their house. Their mother then purchased a popcorn machine, and the family began to create different flavors.

They found their greatest hit, caramel, and started to share it with family, friends, and neighbors. Eventually, more requests for their popcorn were being made.

As the pandemic began, Shaunese encouraged the kids to work on their craft, learn the whole process, and create their own company. Afterall, they had lots of time on their hands.

The kids have expressed their excitement about getting to make money with their mother and the lessons they have learned about being an entrepreneur.


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