Judge Allows Byron Allen To Sue McDonald’s For $10 Billion


The owner of The Weather Channel, Byron Allen, has sued McDonald’s corp.

A federal judge has decided that the racial discrimination lawsuit will not be thrown out as McDonald’s had requested.

McDonald’s had to either file the motion again or answer to Allen’s lawsuit by January 27.

In May 2021, Allen sued McDonald’s for $10 billion, stating they didn’t treat him the same on his advertising spending platforms as they did white-owned media.

Allen alleges that Black-owned media platforms are being “shortchanged.” They receive $5 million out of McDonald’s spending account of a nearly $6 billion budget, on advertisements.

“We look forward to presenting our enormous evidence in court, which will prove the systemic racism at McDonald’s. And I firmly believe the board at McDonald’s should fire the CEO Chris Kempczinski immediately,” Allen declared.

McDonald’s says that the case has no merit. They also believe the issue is about money and not race.



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