Body Cam Footage Shows Former San Diego Officer Locked In The Backseat Of His Patrol Car With A Female Detainee


A former San Diego officer has resigned after the internal affairs investigation released the body cam footage of him being let out the back of his patrol car by another officer.

The incident occurred on August 15, 2023 when Officer Anthony Harris was transporting a woman to the las Colinas Women’s Detention Center.

While the woman was in the backseat she began making small conversation with Harris and moments later the GPS tracking system noticed Harris’s car stop in a dark residential neighborhood. He then turned his bodycam off. About twenty minutes, or so Harris realized he locked himself in the back of his cruiser and called a fellow officer to assist. After being in the back of the cruiser for an hour an officer/ supervisor finally came and released him.

Internal Affairs interviewed the woman who claimed nothing inappropriate happened but during the investigation they found semen on Harris’s belt.

On September 14, 2023 Harris resigned.

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