Cedar Hill Pre-K Student Dies After Choking on Food at Lunch


A Cedar Hill ISD elementary student has died after she choked on a piece of food during lunchtime last week.

The Highland Hills student, who was in Pre-K, was eating her lunch when she suddenly started choking. Teachers immediately took action and she was rushed to Methodist Charlton Medical Center in Dallas. The girl passed away shortly after.

In a letter sent from the CHISD Superintendent, parents were notified of the incident and informed that grief counselors would be available for students.


  1. Did no one know the Heimlich maneuver? Jeez you only have minutes to stop someone from dying when choking. Poor kid.

  2. The Heimlich doesn’t always work, just depends on how deep the object or food in this case it went into the wind pipe, maybe it went in to deep for it to come back out and then who is going to take the extra effort of putting a hole in the neck and trying to get the person breathing again? What if it its not necessary and the person now has an injury in the neck and the parents could sue, to many what ifs and should haves and could haves at this moment. Thing is, sh*t happens and it happens even to the innocent.

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