College Student Dies After Fraternity Boxing Match


Nathan Tyler Valencia was a 20-year-old University of Las Vegas student. He died a few days after being a part of a fraternity’s charity boxing match. Proceeds were to go to Center Ring Boxing.

On November 19, Valencia participated in Kappa Sigma fraternity’s “Fight Night.” It was described as being “like an unground fight club.” There were no doctors, professionals, or real referees during the event; therefore, his family has hired an attorney.

Online, Valencia was advertised as one of the fighters in the card’s “main event.” However, relatives stated Valencia hadn’t been in a boxing match before the evening of the off-campus charity fight.

After he fell, it was said that punches continued, and the crowd kept cheering. Valencia was eventually transported to a medical facility and died on November 23 from brain injuries. His 21st birthday was four days away.

Valencia was a member of UNLV’s Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity not the Kappa Sigma group that sponsored the boxing match.

Police continue to investigate the matter.


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