Couple Taken Into Custody After Having Sex On Ride At Amusement Park


A couple was apprehended and charged with public indecency for having sex at an amusement park in Ohio.

A man and a woman, both 32, were seen having sex at Cedar Point Amusement Park on the Giant Wheel ride. Four women, including two kids, witnessed the occurrence.

Authorities say that at first, the couple wouldn’t admit to having sex on the ride. The woman said that she was wearing shorts under her dress, and her cigarettes had fallen out of them. She said that she bent over to retrieve them, and her boyfriend was assisting her.

However, bystanders say that the two were having sex in the ride’s cart above them as they were nude. They added that the cart was shaking, and the man and woman were moving back and forth.

A police report documents that the pair knew that others had observed them and just giggled.

After finally confessing to having sex, the two were arrested and taken to jail.


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