“Dads On Duty,” In Desoto ISD, Is Making A Positive Impact In Locals Schools


The city of Desoto is an All-American city that is one of the oldest settlements in North Texas.

The city’s new motto is “So Much to Love” as they launch a new look and motto.

In this city, you can locate families linked to community schools. This includes numerous of dads that have a relationship with the DeSoto Eagles.

“What I noticed is that saying a simple good morning can change a person’s demeanor,” stated DeSoto High School teacher Dr. Billy Johnson.

Every school day, a group of fathers and men who play a father role go to DeSoto High School to greet the students at every entrance. They also assist them in the hallways.

They are named “Dads on Duty.”

“Dads on Duty is basically an organization that gives us an opportunity to share our love for the kids,” Roderick Weaver commented.

The men give up their time, striving to make a positive impact or significant difference in students’ lives.

“We know that when dads are involved in our communities, our student outcomes are higher, and in general, they do much better in life,” said the Youth Development Coordinator with Desoto ISD.

“The Dads on Duty” come from many different backgrounds, and they are also assisting students with their class work.

“When I was in school, I only had two male teachers,” said Dr. Johnson. He is a parent of a student in the district, a biology instructor, a coach, and one of the fathers in the program.

“Students are eager to learn. They are looking for that guidance. And the male presence just adds on to that,” he added.

Dads on Duty is now teaming up with a new male mentoring initiative called “All Pro Dads,” a program pushing fathers to learn with their children.

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