Deion Sanders In Preparation To Lead The Colorado Buffaloes


According to reports, Jackson State head coach Deion Sanders is planning to be the next head coach of the Colorado Buffaloes.

Sanders and his team have been making calls to possible staff members and one player in the transfer portal as he prepares to take on a new endeavor.

The support staff in Boulder have been planning for Sanders to arrive even though the staff hasn’t received an official confirmation.

Sanders’ current team was getting ready to head to the SWAC championship on Saturday to defeat their 12-0 record against Southern. They were victorious. He is now expected to announce to his team that he will be taking a new job.

“The report is true,” Sanders said when questioned earlier this week about being offered the head coach position at Colorado.

After a 0-5 start to the season, the Colorado program has been having many problems. They even fired their head coach, Karl Dorrell.

Sanders being a part of Colorado is expected to have an immediate positive impact.

He is notable for bringing life back to the Jackson State program, resulting in a 26-5 Tiger record in three seasons.

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