DoorDash Warns That Deliveries Could Take Longer If Customers Don’t Tip


DoorDash has alerted customers to the fact that their delivery orders may take longer if they don’t tip.

If a user puts a zero as the tip amount, the DoorDash app will now display a pop-up warning. This will explain that drivers have the option of selecting which orders they will accept. Thus, they will usually prioritize customers who provide a tip before delivery.

Since implementing the reminder screen, DoorDash has reported that there has been a decrease in $0 delivery tips.

About four years ago, DoorDash received a lot backlash over its previous policy of not giving customer tips to delivery drivers. Instead, they gave drivers a guaranteed base amount to carry out the delivery. On many instances, tips given through the DoorDash app was assisting in the business’s contribution toward the base amount, not increasing the workers’ pay.


  1. If you can’t afford to tip, go get your own damn food. This has always been a thing. No one owes you anything and 99% of Dashers refuse no-tip orders.

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