DPD Bringing Vice Unit Back


Dallas police chief has decided to bring the vice unit back a year after disbanding it.
The new vice unit will begin training Wednesday and focus on prostitution, human trafficking and gambling. They will be trained on a different approach on accountability compliance.
DPD assistant chief Paul Stokes said during an investigation into the old vice there were a lot of policy violations, inadequate evidence processing, account discrepancies and lack of accountability but there was no criminal activity found.
They have brought in 21 new detectives from diffeeebt units and will spend the next few weeks training them on how to properly investigate and handle human trafficking, prostitution and gambling cases.
Stokes said the officers who received allegations can review the packet and sign off on it… that they can concur with the investigation or issue a rebuttal.
Chief Renee Hall was at the meeting and said that it will take at least 4 months to see if this new approach and vice team is getting the expected results.


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