Elderly Woman Dragged Out Of Access A Ride Vehicle By Driver


A 78 year old woman was brutally attacked in Brooklyn dragged out of an Access-A-Ride car and left in the middle of a street.

The incident happened Wednesday afternoon near 1510 East 25th Street. Apparently the elderly woman and driver had an argument regarding her drop off location. The driver became upset and pulled over.

He then grabbed her by her leg and dragged her out of the vehicle and took her phone. A Good Samaritan that was filming the incident asked the driver to give the woman back her phone.

The driver got into his vehicle and drove away striking the Good Samaritan. The woman tells the man to call police because the driver stole her phone and money.

He then lets the woman know he retrieved her phone and volunteers to help her up off the ground.

Emergency crews arrived at the scene and transported the elderly woman and Good Samaritan to the hospital.

New York City’s Taxi and Limousine Commission tweeted that it is working with police on their investigation.



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