Family Wants Answers After Man Is Dismembered, Police Say ‘No Foul Play’


In September 2022, Rasheem Carter began working a lumber contracting job in Taylorsville, Mississippi.

On Oct.1, he texted his mother stating that his life might be in trouble. He later texted her saying that he was okay after seeing that she was worried.

Tiffany Carter says that when she talked to her son, he stated that white men in three pickup trucks had been following and harassing him.

The mother says that her son went to the police station in Taylorsville twice to disclose what was going on. He also requested a ride to the Super 8 motel in Laurel, where he was residing.

Authorities have noted that Carter did ask for a ride. But, they say he didn’t necessarily express that he felt his life was in danger. They said that he did fill out a police report. However, they hadn’t provided him a ride because the location was out of their jurisdiction.

Carter left the station and never arrived to the Super 8.

On November 2, one month later, Carter’s body was discovered in a wooded location, not too far from the Taylorsville police station. The following day, the investigating agency stated that the case was being investigated. Still, there seemed to be no foul play, they say.

However, the family isn’t believing that, and they want answers.

When an autopsy was conducted, it was found that no major trauma was seen to the body. There were some fractures were observed though. The body had been in an advanced stage of decomposition and some of the remains had been missing. His death remains ‘undetermined.’

On Monday, the family’s attorney, Ben Crump, noted that an independent autopsy was performed. It showed that Carter had been “dismembered,” and his head was not connected to his body. Crump says that Rasheem Carter was murdered.

Tiffany Carter added that she believes that her son was chased by a white supremacist, a lynch mob. She says her son told her that he was having a problem with the owner of his company. He said that if anything occurred, look at the owner who sent guys after him, the mother stated.

For now, the sheriff’s office has issued search warrants, and an investigation is continuing.

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  1. It was a hate crime. And he had every right to feel how he felt. He made the wrong choice possibly about a job and the area. Believe wat he said. He could have possibly been drugged or ppl told him he was tripping but no he was not. There was jealousy and hatred and racism. So sorry for this lose of life. He didn’t deserve wat happened. And possibly someone he considered a friend told him about the job. Could have been a set up. But wat do i know. Im just a tarot reader and had a vision of this. And before anyone says anything about me not contacting the authorities…not everyone believes in tarot or phsysic abilities and those who do are afraid of letting ppl know that they believe in it


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