Female Los Angeles Pimp Pleads Guilty To Sex Trafficking


A California woman is facing several charges after pleading guilty to sex trafficking of a minor and prostitution.
Melanie Denae Williams,23 has been indicted on several counts of sex trafficking adults, sex trafficking of a minor and enticing minors to engage in prostitution.
Williams goes by the name of @Prettyhoeforever on Instagram and posted several pictures of herself as well as the girls she has prostituted. Law officials and Federal prosecutors worked together on her indictment after reading and listening to her comments on the page. She decided to plead guilty to all counts in hopes of getting a reduced sentence.
Williams plead guilty Monday to federal
sex trafficking offenses and admitted to having minors participate in sexual acts.
According to the plea Williams also admitted to abusing one of the women by making her strip naked and throwing bleach on her body and then beating her with her hands and a broomstick. She also said she made one of the girls get a tattoo on their face with her name on it.
Williams is currently in custody awaiting her court date that is set for January 28,2019. She is facing a mandatory 15 years minimum sentence in federal prison.

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