Frontier Airlines Will No Longer Provide Customer Service Line


Although the majority of most big airlines still use customer service lines, Frontier airlines will no longer allow customers to dial a phone number to talk to a live agent.

Therefore, customers will have to use other methods to reach the airline. This includes a chatbox on its website, a live chat that is available at any time, social media platforms, and Whatsapp.

“The change enables us to ensure our customers get the information they need as expeditiously and efficiently as possible,” said a Frontier representative. She added that most customers use social media platforms to communicate with them.

It is reported that their call center was shut down last weekend.

Back in July, Frontier tried to merge with Spirit Airlines, but Spirit ended up partnering up with JetBlue.

Then, in November, Frontier was one out of six airlines that was ordered to pay a $7.5 million fine for not providing refunds to customers for flights that had been canceled.


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