Keyshia Cole’s Mom, Frankie, Passes Away


Frankie Lons, Keyshia Cole’s mother, has passed away.

Lons died on her birthday, at 61, after battling with drug addiction for over twenty years.

Cole’s brother, Sam, announced that their mother died at her residence in Oakland on Sunday. He stated that she overdosed while celebrating her birthday. She had relapsed after attempting to stay clean.

He wants people to think of his mother as someone who loved her kids and wanted them to stay united.

Keyshia was given up for adoption as a little girl. She reunited with her biological parents later on in life. Lons was often seen having heartfelt conversations with her daughter on the series “Keyshia Cole My New Life.”

Cole was often observed encouraging her mother to get sober and checking on her.

Last March, Frankie celebrated 60 days sober. Cole praised her mother on her social media pages.


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