“Killaboi” Confesses on Instagram Post to Murdering Girlfriend


A Nigerian Instagram user with over 75,000 followers confessed to murdering his girlfriend in an Instagram story he posted.

26-year-old Benjamin Best, who goes by Killaboi, a self-proclaimed blockchain developer, made the public post on Monday on his social media account. In the post, Killaboi admits to stabbing his girlfriend, Augusta Osedion. According to Killaboi, he and his girlfriend were in an argument when he accidentally stabbed her.

Part 1 of the post reads, “..I will say the truth and only the truth will bring me Gods acceptance in heaven I believe.”

He continues in part 2 to explain, “I got into an argument with my girlfriend [Austa] which … I mistakenly stabbed her and ran away out of fear and been suicidal since then.”

Shortly after, Osedion’s body was located in Killaboi’s apartment.

No charges have been made at this time.

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