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LHHATL Results Are In! Is Kirk The Father


So everyone remembers Jasmine Washington revealing that she was sleeping with Kirk Frost and that he was her baby boy Kannon’s father on LHHATL season 6.
Well there was a new candidate that came on the scene last week by the name of Logan claiming to be the father of baby Kannon. He went to Rasheeda’s boutique claiming that he and Jasmine were in a relationship she claimed to be pregnant and have an abortion but he said he didn’t believe her and thinks this baby is his. Although Kirk wasn’t feeling taking the paternity test he finally decided to take it to quiet all the different allegations and the results are in.
Kirk frost is the father and Rasheeda says she is very disappointed that Kirk fathered this child and she’s not sure if she will be filing for divorce but her and Kirk are currently separated.


  1. Funny how he did a paternity test on their child, last season but don’t want to do one now for his side piece… Really he has been inappropriate for all seasons, so she not going anywhere…

  2. Kit deserves to be DIVORCED! Rasheeda a beautiful independent woman who deserves a REAL MAN, HUSBAND AND BEST FRIEND!

  3. Kirk Ain’t shit*** Rasheeda find you somebody who’s going to deserve you. you better than this, if Kurt won’t keep stepping out on you he need to be by his damn self . If You going to keep f****** with him and You going to end up getting something because he going to continue on f****** with these hoes out here in these streets. I love you girl you are beautiful and beautiful deserve Beautieness. Real talk from Savannah

  4. Where is the other portion of the PETITION that says Kirk is the father. This is only a petition that is ordering him to obtain a DNA test, which will etablish the paternity. #readingisfundamental

      1. ALL petitions for an order to establish paternity and or support state that the respondent and petitioner are the natural, biological mother and father of the child. The petitioner files action to establish paternity. Once results are in then the order will come down. Both parties and attorneys will get paperwork. Then the order will say the respondent has been determined to be the natural biological mother or father of that child.

    1. Right. This hasn’t proven anything….
      Even London’s petition will say that… We need to see where is say: Kirk Lanell Frost is 99.998%…. That part is the only part to validate this story

  5. This is just the petition for Kirk to be served. #3 is just the allegation; it clearly says he has not filed any legitimation action meaning he has not taken a DNA test to verify or prove otherwise.

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