Video: Man Arrested After Smashing Out Windows At A McAlister’s Deli With A Baseball Bat


A man is in custody and facing multiple charges after he smashed a window at McAlister’s Deli earlier this month.

According to reports on October 4 Cameron Johnson took a baseball and smashed the windows at a McAlister’s Deli located in Monroe, North Carolina.

On October 5 an officer spotted the vehicle that was used during the McAlister’s incident and pulled the car over.

The officer identified Johnson as the suspect in the McAlister smashing because he was still wearing the same clothes and also had the baseball bat that was used in the car with him.

Johnson was arrested and taken to Union County jail.
where he is being charged with destruction of property.

On October 6 officers identified Johnson as the suspect that vandalized some property at a Stop N Shop on August 20 and he was charged with an additional property damage charge.

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