Man Awarded $10 Million Settlement After Becoming Paralyzed From Police Encounter


Eight years ago, a man became paralyzed after an encounter with police in New Jersey.

Now, Camden County has agreed to pay him a $10 million settlement. This came after Xavier Ingram filed a lawsuit against Camden County, its police department, and certain officers.

A trial was held in March but no decision was made as jurors weren’t able to come up with a unanimous agreement.

Ingram, who’s Black, is a paraplegic, living in a nursing home. He spoke during the court hearing from his hospital bed.

Before a new trial was about to start, a settlement in the case was reached. It still requires a federal judge’s approval.

“Mr. Ingram requires better medical care and quality of life that he no longer wishes to delay. It’s in his best interest to bring this litigation to a close…,” said Beth Baldinger, his lawyer.

In June 2014, Ingram, who was 20 at the time, was confronted by officers who walked up to him outside of a store in Camden. As he was fleeing from officers, Ingram fell and officers handcuffed him and held him down on the ground.

One officer stepped on his neck, pushing him down aggressively. Ingram noted that none of the officers gave him the proper medical care. This was needed after he yelled that he couldn’t feel his arms or legs.

Ingram’s attorney says that he ran because he had an outstanding warrant for a motor vehicle violation and didn’t want to be arrested.

Police claim that Ingram was injured when he ran and fell. They say he fled because he had a stolen gun and drugs on him. Ingram has stated that he wasn’t in possession of a gun.

A Camden County spokesperson released a statement on the matter.

“Based on the settlement, the county maintains, and continues to maintain, that no wrongdoing took place and is not liable for any of the actions and circumstances of the aforementioned incident.”


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