Man Kills Four Relatives Inside Of Home


A man is facing charges of four counts of capital murder after being accused of killing four people. The incident occurred on Wednesday at his home, a little after 6 p.m., in Daphne, Alabama.

Smith-Bracy was apprehended in a wooded location behind the residence after officers responded to a call of shots fired. Then, he was questioned by investigators and charged with four counts of capital murder.

Police are said to have found one person dead who had been shot in the residence and three dead in the backyard after being bludgeoned with a pick axe.

The victims have been named as Jeremy Smith, 27, Barbara Smith, 72, Leonard Smith, 80, which were all of his relatives. 71-year-old Sheila Glover, a family friend, was also killed.

Smith-Bracy could receive life in prison or  the death penalty for each one of the counts.

Authorities say that he was apprehended for criminal mischief at the home earlier that day. He then bonded out, went back to the home, forced his way in, and started shooting.

Police say that Smith-Bracy showed no remorse for his actions.



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