Man’s Remains Believed To Be Found In Alligator’s Stomach


A capture of an alligator has taken place. The reptile allegedly attacked and killed a man during Hurricane Ida.

On Monday, the 12 foot, 500 pound alligator was caught in Slidell, Louisiana, by authorities, hunters, and others.

Once the alligator was taken in, traces of what seems to be human remains were located in its gut.  The gator was found in a waterway in the same area it is thought that Timothy Satterlee, Jr. was killed in August.

Timothy’s wife had stated that she heard a great disturbance during the storm last month while in her home. She swiftly went outside and found an alligator snatching her husband away. She ripped her husband from the alligator’s mouth and left him to get assistance.

When she got back to her house, Timothy was gone.

The coroner’s office will confirm if the remains are Satterlee’s.


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