Mother Charged With Murdering Her Two Sons


A Kentucky mother has been arrested for the murder of her two sons.

On November 8 sheriffs of Bullitt County went to a home on the 200 block of Bentwood Drive in Shepherdsville and found two boys covered in blood suffering from a gunshot wound.

Emergency crews arrived and the boys were transported to Norton’s Children’s Hospital where they both died from their injuries. The boys were identified as Maurice age 6 Jayden age 9.

Later that afternoon authorities arrested the children’s mother, 32 year old Tiffanie Lucas.

She was booked into Bullitt County Detention Center and charged with two counts of murder. Her bond is set at $2 million.


  1. Man you never know what a person is going through, but… damn shooting your innocent babies ?!?!? .. if im that depressed or whatever the case may have been, i would have harmed myself before i would harm my babies… just my opinion..Prayers for all involved

  2. Whe could have given those kids to the father or either aet of grand orents or someone who would have loved on them. Monster.

  3. There is no reason to murder a child! If she didn’t want them or felt she couldn’t care for them, I am sure there was someone who would have taken them!

  4. Mental-Illness is real. How can a person who is what’s called crazy, diagnose themselves; choise to do what’s right, and go get treatment. Yes, this is tragic as much as horrific seeing these babies perish at the hands of their mom.The blame lies upon the father, thegirls family members, and the immediate neighbors who saw signs, but stoid by and done nothing. It took a Village to raise a child when I was a kid. Neighbors spanked your ass and sent you home to another spanking for bad behavior.The government us to blame. They create laws criminalizing raising children, and as a neighbor, you’re charged with assaukt on a child for whipping their asses.A very sad story for sure, but it’s even sadder that all you negative commentators calling this person a monster, wholly fail to see the eith clarity hiw the aystem is failing those with mental illness, and the lack of people willing to step in thise situation for intervention on behalf of those children safety and lives. God bless those babies souls and educate you commentators on “loving thy neighbor” to help and assist the mental illness in America.

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