Mother Outraged After Classmate Whips Her Daughter and Says “Get Back to Work, You Slave”


A California mother is outraged after she says her 10-year-old daughter was whipped with a jump rope by a classmate and told “Get back to work, you slave.”

Jasmine Harris, the mother of Paris Barnes, a 5th grader at Santiago Elementary School in Santa Ana, was seen protesting near the campus on Monday.

She is continuing to seek justice for her daughter, who says she felt hurt and disrespected when her classmate, which is a boy, did that to her.

According to the mother, the action taken by the school and school district has not provided any reassurance that the boy was disciplined.

“I want the little boy to get expelled. I want them to do something about this,” Harris explained.

According to Eyewitness News, Paris’s mother stated that she went to the Orange County District Attorney’s Office to press charges against the minor. The claims against the little boy are for Hate Crime and Attempted Assault On A Minor.

Due to the age of the parties involved, the DA’s office could not comment on the situation.

The school district has also enforced its privacy rules and say they will be conducting a formal independent investigation.


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