Newborn Baby Dead After Being Stolen By Killer Monkeys And Thrown Off A Roof


On Friday, a pack of monkeys took a newborn from his parents and dumped him off of a roof. Tragically, the baby died.

Reports reveal that Nirdesh Upadhyay, of Bareilly, India, was stationed on the third floor of his terrace. His wife and child were with him when the animals landed and were all around them.

As Nirdesh was fleeing with the four-month-old, he dropped the baby on the ground. One of the monkeys then picked the infant up and threw him off the roof.

Relatives ran to assist, but it was too late. The monkeys then attacked them, too.

The family had been getting ready for another one of their child’s birthday celebration when the tragic event occurred.

An investigation is continuing.

Monkeys are known to attack people in India. In 2019, a pack of wolves ran after a woman, 60, until she fatally fell off of a roof. In 2018, a monkey bit and killed an infant, that was 12 days old, after grabbing the child from its mother’s arms.


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