Nursing Assistants Use Patients Money To Have Plastic Surgery


Two nursing assistants in Indian River, Florida supposedly used their patients money to have plastic surgery, go on cruises and get a Rolls Royce.
Chiquita McGee,29 and Sophia Shepard,30 apparently racked up more than $500,000 worth of charges on their patients credit card and persuaded their patients to get them each credit cards in their names. The women had plastic surgery, went shopping, took cruises and even rented a Rolls Royce Ghost for 5 days that added up to $5000.
The ladies were working for Indian River Home Health Care in Vero Beach when the families notified the Florida Health Department of the fraud that they were suspecting. Once the health department let the company know they terminated the ladies and notified police.
Authorities did a four month investigation on the women before closing the case Tuesday March 13 and going to the ladies homes in Vero Beach with search warrants.
The women were arrested and charged with scheme to defraud, organized fraud and exploitation of the elderly. Both ladies are being held in Indian River County with no bail.

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