Paris Police Officer Placed On Administrative Leave Following Incident With Lamar County Resident


Paris Police, in Texas, put one of its officers on paid administrative leave. This comes as they conduct a review of an interaction between the cop and a resident of Lamar County. That resident’s son had been paralyzed during an officer-involved shooting.

“Seemed like we helped you out pretty good before,” said Officer Derek Belcher.

In the recording, Officer Belcher stated that he pulled the driver, Joey Cairco, over because of a hand gesture.

“You’re the one driving around us, flipping us off, honking your horn, sitting outside the PD. Do you need help with something?” Belcher continued.

Carico: “Yall’s feelings are hurt.”

Belcher: My feelings ain’t hurt. I’m not the one….

Carico: Yeah, your f—feelings are hurt.

Belcher: Who’s the one riding around, flipping people off, acting like a little…

Carico: Like a little b—? Is that what you were going to say? B—.

Officer Belcher stated that he was present the night that Carico’s son, Carlton, was shot in the back.

Joey Carico was also apprehended that night. He pleaded no contest to interferring with public duties and terroristic threat to a public servant.

He was given a deferred sentence.

Belcher: “Your son made his decision that night, okay?

Carico: My son was suicidal b—-. Your officer shot him in the f— back.

Belcher: He’s alive then, ain’t he?

After finding his truck rolled in 2021, officers’ body cam footage depicted Colton Carico pointing a rifle under his chin.

“I’m going to blow my f—brains out right here,” Colton Carico could be heard saying on the body cam footage. That was released last year.

An officer then fired his own weapon, leaving Colton paralyzed. The Texas Rangers found that the shooting was justified. Additionally, a Lamar County grand jury cleared the officer of any wrongdoing.

Carico: “You ain’t very big, are you?

Belcher: No, I’m not.

Joey Carico then retrieved his phone in order to record.

Carico then is heard questioning the officer about having his hand next to his gun as they talked. Belcher asks Carico if has problem with it. He told him to do something about it if he does.

Belcher: “You’ll get away with it. It’s just me and you right now.

Carico: Yeah. It’s just me and you. Yeah. I’d go to jail mother f—-.

The recording ends with Officer Belcher saying, “Tell your son I said hi.”

Colton Carico has also filed a lawsuit against the city of Paris and the officer who shot him. He is seeking over $10 million in damages.


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