Police Sergeant Shoots And Kills Man Who Shot Her Partner In The Head


A shooting in Clearcreek Township, Ohio, has resulted in the death of one man and an officer being critically wounded.

Officer Eric Ney had been transported to a medical facility after he was shot in the head. The assailant was Mark Evers, 65. Ney and his partner were responding to a call, regarding a domestic violence incident.

Evers was fatally shot by Ney’s partner, Sgt. Nicole Cordero. A camera recording shows Sgt. Cordero sprinting over to assist Ney when he was shot.

Evers’ wife had initially called police in relation to a domestic violence situation with her husband. When authorities arrived to the scene, Evers left and came back about an hour later.

Sgt. Cordero was walking up to Evers when he took out a gun and fired two rounds at Officer Ney. She then shot back, hitting Evers. Evers also had a contact wound or self-inflicted gunshot injury.

Evers’ wife told police that he had gotten angry because he believed that she had wrapped the horses’ legs incorrectly.

Officer Ney is said to be making progress as he recovers although his wounds were extensive.

A GoFundMe has been created to assist with his expenses.


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