Popeyes’ Employees Call Police On GSU Student Attempting To Buy Food For Homeless Man


A student at Georgia State University says that employees at a Popeyes called authorities on her after she attempted to purchase food for a homeless man.

The incident occurred in Atlanta, Georgia, and was recorded and seen by over 5 million people on TikTok.

Jo Ortega, a senior at GSU, reported that she was getting a DoorDash order, close to Ponce De Leon Ave, at the Popeyes. She then observed a man who she said seemed as if he was hungry.

She then decided to place an order for a two-piece, and workers at the fast food place weren’t happy.

“No ma’am. You can’t do it,” a worker stated in the video.

“Why? He’s asking for food? Ortega questioned.

“Ma’am, you can’t do it. I could care less about you recording me baby,” another worker commented.

The window of the drive-thru was then closed.

A few minutes later, Atlanta police arrived to the location. They stated that they had gotten a call about a woman who wouldn’t get out of the drive-thru. However, since no laws were broken, nothing happened. Ortega said the officer actually praised her efforts.

Eventually, Ortega spoke with the general manager at the location who apologized for the entire incident. To rectify the situation, he allowed Ortega and the man to order anything they desired that evening, at no cost.

“My name is Jazz and thanks,” the man is heard saying in the recording, holding a Popeyes cup.

Because Ortega feels that the homeless are human too, she has launched an online fundraiser to assist Jazz in locating a permanent residence.


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