Pregnant Woman Accused Of Killing Uber Driver Seeks Freedom, Claiming Unborn Child Wasn’t Charged With Crime


A woman from Florida was accused of murder after firing a shot following a disagreement. This happened inside of a packed Uber.

Now, her lawyer says that she should be released from jail because her unborn child hasn’t been charged with any offense and is being “held unlawfully.”

Natalia Harrell has been in custody since July 26, 2022. Then, she had been ordered to be held without bond. This was for the shooting and second-degree murder of Gladys Borcela, on July 23.

The fatal incident was captured on video.

When court documents were filed on Thursday, it was noted that Harrell is eight months pregnant. However, her lawyer states that she hasn’t been given the proper prenatal care or nutrition and hasn’t been seen by a doctor since October.

“UNBORN CHILD’S constitutionally protected due process rights have been clearly violated,” the filing notes.

One criminal defense expert says that Florida and federal law state that unborn fetuses should be seen as legal victims when impacted in the act of several various types of crime, even prior to trial.

Harrell was six weeks pregnant when she shot Borcela. The two had been having a dispute before Harrell reached toward the front of the vehicle to retrieve something from her purse. After arguing for a few more minutes, Harrell fired a gun.

Borcela, a mother of three, was struck in the chest and didn’t survive.

Harrell had been charged with second-degree murder at that time. Her lawyer says that Harrell shot Borcela following the victim “continuing to threaten” her and “attempting to assault” her.

The Miami-Dade Corrections and Rehabilitation Director stated that Harell has a history of refusing medical treatment and says that she has been taken to four obstetrician appointments outside of the facility but declined a fifth appointment. He added that she has refused prenatal vitamins and won’t let nurses measure the fetal heart rate, either.

The state has requested that the filing be dismissed.



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