Serial Bank Robber With Tattoos Missing From Mugshot Given Time Served


A judge granted a convicted serial bank robber a sentence of time served. This comes after a lawyer for Tyrone Lamont Allen argued that he has made great strides in self-improvement. This has been since his release three years ago.

The case gained attention after police modified Allen’s mugshot, eliminating his tattoos. This was done to more closely match the hold-up suspect. None of the bank tellers had described the robbery suspect with tattoos. Additionally,  many of them did pick Allen’s photo out in the line-up. Allen’s lawyer stated that changing the photo permitted police to “rig the outcome.” The judge did have concerns about this.

Allen pleaded guilty in April and made a deal with prosecutors. Although he has a lengthy criminal record, the judge accepted the plea. He stated he was convinced of the government’s argument, the victims didn’t oppose, and the amount of time since the crimes.

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