Student Disagreement Led Principal, Teachers To All Call Out Sick At Elementary School


A disagreement over a student led some teachers at Emerson Elementary School in Compton, California, to call out sick on Tuesday in support of their principal.

Compton Unified School District officials validated the fact that the principal and teachers all called out sick. However, they stated that they didn’t know the reason.

One person reported that a boy had pointed a BB gun at her cousin about two months ago. One student had brought the BB gun to school, and another had pointed it at her cousin’s head.

Both middle-school aged boys were given consequences, but one returned to the school on Monday.

It was stated that neither the teachers nor the principal wanted the student back in school.

Parents say that when the boy came back to school, his mother berated the principal. After that altercation, the principal quit, one person reported.

Someone answering phones on Tuesday noted that administrators and substitutes were summoned to look after the students. However, many parents had picked up their children from school after learning about the matter.

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