Student Hands Out $10K At School After Stealing The Money From Her Grandmother


A 14-year-old girl in Florida caused a lot of chaos at a middle school when she gave out over $10,000 that she is said to have stolen from her grandmother.

Deputies in Marion County went to the school last week after receiving information that a student was handing out hundreds of dollars.

When the girl’s backpack was searched, close to $2,500 was found. She told police that another student had given her the money and wanted her to pass it out. It was later found that the girl had gotten into a safe that belonged to her grandmother and had taken about $13,500. The money had been the grandmother’s life savings.

An arrest warrant noted that the grandmother said that the money came from the sale of a house, and she is now devastated.

The girl later confessed to detectives that she had gotten into the safe with a screwdriver and metal pick.

Officers said that she didn’t provide any information about why she stole the money or why she passed it out at school.

About $700 was recovered from students, and it was given back to the grandmother, along with the $2,500 that her granddaughter still had.

The girl is now facing a charge of grand theft.

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