Rapper Yung Joc Pleads To Have His Money Returned After Mistakenly Sending Someone $1,800 Via Zelle


Rapper Yung Joc accidentally sent the wrong person almost $2,000 through Zelle. Now, it seems as though he is having a rough time getting his money back.

On Oct.19, the rapper shared the situation on Instagram, revealing screenshots of text messages he sent to someone. He was begging to have his money returned to him.

“HI, can you please return the $1,800 that I mistakenly sent to your account via Zelle,” one message read.

“I don’t know you nor do you know me…please do the right thing..God has a bigger blessing for you,” he added.

It appears as though the recipient ignored Yung Joc’s request.

“I know you blocked my number, and that is o.k. I just need the $1,800 that was sent to your account via Zelle. The post also included Gangsta Boo’s 1998 song, “Where Dem Dollars At?”

Later, Joc requested that fans help him get his money back.

“…can y’all please call/text them and ask them to return my lil change?” he asked.

One fan stated that they attempted to call the person, but they hung up in their face.

Someone else posted, “Ohh, I know he ain’t went to IG for help. Sir, at this point it’s God’s blessing to whomever you sent it to. Take this as a loss and a blessing.”

Up until now, it still doesn’t seem as though Yung Joc’s money was returned to him.



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